Fraser Island

While searching in my archives for some suitable Aussie photos to put up on the blog, I came across these images from my trip to Fraser Island last year. The island, located just off Hervey Bay on the Queensland coast, is the largest sand island in the world. It is also home to some of the last “pure” dingoes in Eastern Australia.


We stayed on the island in midwinter, so the weather was quite cold, windy and wet. However, we did get a few fine days and we were lucky enough to visit the pristine turquoise waters of Lake McKenzie on a sunny day. The lake is made up of white silica sand and the waters are too pure for most species to inhabit. All in all, it makes for beautiful photographs.


We stayed in the Fraser Island Beach Houses complex, which had the wonderful advantage of being situated a couple of hundred metres from the rugged 75-Mile Beach. The three bedroom house was comfortable and quite spacious, with a sprawling “front yard” area that looked out onto the ocean.


Views from Fraser Island Beach Houses.



75-Mile Beach on an overcast day.




The Maheno shipwreck on 75-Mile Beach. Built in Scotland in 1904, the ship was sold to a Japanese shipping company. On its final journey back to Japan, it ran aground on the island. Several attempts were made to re-float it before it was abandoned.


Lake Wabby (with my mother swimming in the foreground) is directly adjacent to a large sand dune. Eventually, the lake will disappear under the dune, but for now it remains a perfectly calm swimming spot with a soft sandy bottom, surrounded by stunning bushland.



More reflections on Lake Wabby.


My family and I completed a 16km walk on our last weekend on the island. We had rainy weather, but I found this made for some interesting shots. At this point, I was just starting out with photography (we had just bought our family DSLR).


Studies on moss (or lichen? – I’m not a flora expert).

One of the stunning lakes we passed on our long hike. The sun kindly made an appearance for us towards the end of the day.

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