On the weekend I visited my family in Sevenoaks, Kent. This post will probably be of no interest to people living in the UK because I’m sure you will find this urban landscape very mundane, but as an Australian I continually find things interesting that seem commonplace to the locals. Whenever I tell English people I want to move to the UK one day, they always answer with an incredulous: “Why??” But I guess it’s just a case of the grass is always greener. There seems to be so much history around every corner and I also have an obsession with old churches (the oldest in Australia are probably only 150-200 years old – the rest are 1970s brick monstrosities).

These shots were taken on a walk with my cousin and the weather was just crazy… We were walking for about 20-30 minutes and we had about four episodes of hail alternating with lovely sunshine. The night before I had been delayed coming in to Heathrow and it turned out there were 17 Heathrow-bound flights that had been diverted to Newcastle and Manchester that evening – so I was really one of the lucky ones. That will teach me to book flights to Heathrow from Paris for such a short trip – I’m definitely taking the Eurostar from now on.









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