Versailles in Spring

This is the second time I have visited Versailles whilst living in Paris – the first was with my Dad in January and now I was able to show it to my Mum (who had never been there before) in the springtime. I try and avoid the main château because it is incredibly crowded, but the gardens (especially the Petit Trianon and Marie-Antoinette’s Estate) are my favourite part of the Versailles anyway. It was interesting to see the gardens change with the seasons, because we don’t get to see much of this in Australia. Brisbane is in a sub-tropical zone so we don’t have many deciduous plants at all.

The animals that live in Marie-Antoinette’s Estate are always a highlight for me – this time we saw some sort of unidentified rodent (it turned out to be a water rat) that looked like a huge guinea pig sitting by the water. I’d never seen anything like it but again, I often find things interesting over here that most Europeans regard as common place.












The unidentified rodent (water rat).



5 thoughts on “Versailles in Spring

  1. My daughter and I ( from Qld, Aust) visited Versailles today and too loved Marie-Antoinette’s estate. We also saw the unidentified rodent, was totally excited at seeing this strange gigantic rat like animal that was eating grass, describing it as a huge guinea pig with a tail. Thanks for verifying it was a water rat. I now cringe at what locals would have thought of us being so excited over a rat.

    1. No problem! My mum and I were very excited as well, don’t worry – we’d never seen anything like it before. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it’s nice to see someone from QLD commenting 🙂 Doesn’t happen very often!

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