Château d’Amboise

The weather took a turn for the worse on my second day in the Loire Valley, so I just decided to stay in the town of Amboise (where my hotel was) and explore its own château and gardens. It’s quite a bit smaller than Chambord but it was built on a rocky escarpment above the village, so you can get amazing views of the river Loire and the town from the battlements. It was claimed by the French monarchy in the 15th century and subsequently extended, becoming a favourite royal residence in the process. Leonardo da Vinci stayed in Amboise from 1515 until his death in 1519, and he is apparently buried in château’s Chapel of St-Hubert.






DSC_2913The view from the battlements. The big house/building in the centre is the hotel I stayed in – Le Manoir Les Minimes – and I would definitely recommend it!





The Chapel of Saint-Hubert.

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