The medieval hilltop village of Èze was definitely one of my two favourite places from my trip to the south of France (a blog post on the other one is coming soon, I promise!). If you’re staying in Nice like we were, you can get to Èze by catching a bus for 1.50 euros up through the mountains, experiencing some amazing views of the French Riviera along the way. Just make sure you are heading in the direction of “Èze Village”, as the deceptively similar “Èze-sur-Mer” is actually the name of the town at the bottom of the hill by the sea, which would mean a nasty shock and a very challenging hike up the rocky mountainside to get to your intended destination. Once dropped off at the bus stop, we headed straight for the top of the mountain, winding our way through the ancient narrow streets before paying a couple of euros to get inside the town’s exotic gardens. This is where you get the best views! On the morning we went, there was actually some thick fog that wouldn’t seem to clear up, which definitely impacted visibility but also lent a rather eery and magical atmosphere to the whole place. Fortunately, it cleared up enough for us to see the sea below. All in all, it made for some pretty interesting pictures and I will remember this place forever.















4 thoughts on “Èze

  1. Looks like it hasn’t changed since 1978 when I was there on honeymoon.
    Also returned in the 1980s and walked up from the Lower Corniche, replicating a walk by Nietzsche, recorded in one of the chapters in Also Sprach Zarathustra. It was longer than I thought- the walk, not the book! Thankfully I had the company of a nice Frenchman who was also walking up.

    1. Sounds like a lovely walk! Yes I don’t think it has changed much for decades. I actually went there a gain a couple of weeks ago so an updated Èze blog post is coming!

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