Snowy Mountains Part I

I’ve been so excited to finally finish the backlog of photo editing and content I had from Europe and to start posting Australian images again, especially from my trip to the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales. Having grown up spending weekends in country Victoria, I have plenty of memories from my time spent in the Australian Alps and I think this area is probably my favourite place in Australia. There’s just something about the unique combination of snow and snow gums (if you don’t know what those are, take a look below) that is so different from the alpine landscape you find in the northern hemisphere.

These photos were taken back in August (the Australian winter), when my family and I went down to visit my brother who studies in Canberra. From Canberra, you can drive south into New South Wales and visit the ski fields or just continue driving towards the border with Victoria. The images below were from a little tobogganing area about 10-15 minutes from Thredbo resort. I thinkย this post may as well have been called “A Study on Snow” for the amount of shots I took of quite similar subjects… namely snow, the river and rocks. I think I was just too excited to see snow after three years and went a little overboard.















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