Copenhagen Part I

I can finally tick another country off the list! Between Christmas and New Year’s I spent four days in Copenhagen on my first city break since I’ve been in Europe. We were searching for a place that wasn’t a typical New Year’s destination and for a while we had settled on Prague but for some reason the flights were ridiculously expensive – enough to offset the cheap Prague accommodation. So we decided to switch to Copenhagen at the last minute as I had really enjoyed Oslo in 2014 and wanted to see more of Scandinavia (I’m also absolutely obsessed with Scandi design – aren’t we all?).

Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities in Europe so it definitely wasn’t a cheap few days – the food is particularly expensive – but if you can limit yourself to maybe one or two nice dining experiences I think it’s definitely doable. The city is quite small so you can mostly walk everywhere, and if you need to get the train then transport is relatively cheap. Unfortunately we didn’t have the greatest weather (I think we had about 5-10 minutes of sunshine the whole trip) so I wasn’t sure how these photos would turn out. They are mostly Copenhagen architecture on a backdrop of grey skies. If I had to use one word to describe these photos I think “angular” comes to mind. If anything, they can be a nice personal reminder of my trip.

Some of the sights featured in this group of photos include (in order): Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, the National Museum, Christiansborg Palace, around Strøget, the Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre (the church spire), and finally the beautiful Magasin Du Nord building. In the next couple of posts there will be more shots from Nyhavn and Kronborg Castle in Helsingør.

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