Cambridge University Botanic Gardens

We originally headed up to Cambridge with the purpose of visiting the Imperial War Museum at Duxford (I had a military history enthusiast with me), but upon arrival we were told that they were conducting an airshow and that we wouldn’t be allowed in without a pre-booked ticket! Apparently this was listed on their website but I had visited it at least 5 times that morning and couldn’t find it anywhere. Lesson learned – always scour the website thoroughly beforehand to avoid disappointment!

In the end the day turned out to be focused more onย photography than military history, because we stumbled across the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens and, especially, their Glasshouse Range. These glasshouses display seven different habitats and the plants that would commonly be found there, from the tropics to mountainous regions. As a nature and plant lover, this was heaven! After the glasshouses we took a walk around the rest of the gardens and then along the River Cam to the rest of the city and the colleges. I had been to Cambridge before and I actually preferred the city when I went in winter, with the lovely pale light and the lack of crowds, so the standout of this trip for me was definitely the gardens.

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