The High Country and Cape Conran

Possibly my favourite landscapes in the whole world can be found in the high country of Victoria/New South Wales in Australia. As you climb higher in altitude the land changes from picturesque farmland to increasingly remote scenes of rocky grassland, eucalypt forests and the odd mountain river. We saw all of this on our drive up the Bruthen-Buchan Rd, which eventually changes into the Snowy River Road and crosses in to New South Wales. This place is so remote there is literally an outpost of a single house called “Seldom Seen”. We also took a little detour to see Little River Gorge, the deepest gorge in the state of Victoria, and the lookout offered spectacular views across the valley. The photo of farmland bathed in a pink sunrise was actually taken near the town of Bruthen on one of my very early morning jet-lagged expeditions, but I’ve included it here because it’s typical of the landscapes you can find in the lower high country areas.

One sunny day we also paid a visit to Cape Conran Coastal Park with its sandy estuary spilling out into the ocean. Looking at these shots you’d never guess this was in mid-winter!










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