I’d never been to Ireland before last weekend so I was very excited when my Dad called to say he had to fly in to Dublin from Australia for a conference and that I should meet him there! Very short notice but it was nice to be able to explore a place that I would otherwise have not seen in the near future. I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland but as a student I’ve been saving up what little disposable income I have to see some of the bigger cities of Europe (I’m going to Paris next week for example!). This trip to Dublin was very short so I didn’t get to explore any of the beautiful Irish countryside or historical sites, but that means I’ll just have to come back some time. I’ve split up my photos into two posts – these ones are of the city’s beautiful Georgian architecture and the next one will be entirely devoted to Trinity College, one of the most beautiful universities I’ve ever seen.


The grounds of Dublin Castle.


A cottage on St Stephen’s Green.


Grafton Street.


Grafton Street.


Near Merrion Square.


Dublin pub near Merrion Square.


One of the beautiful Georgian houses off Merrion Square.

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