Paris Day 3

For our third day we decided to visit Chateau de Versailles, one of my favourite places in the world and somewhere I would definitely recommend visiting if you’re in Paris for 3-4 days. It’s only about 30-40min on the suburban train line (RER) and if you’re under under 26 and a resident of the EU you can get in for free! Just remember to bring some form of EU identification. We started with an audioguide tour of the palace, but my favourite part of Versailles will always be the sprawling gardens. Once you exit the palace, if you head down the right side of the main pathway to the lake, you can get lost amongst some beautiful tree-lined paths before making your way over to Marie Antoinette’s Estate. It’s a bit of a walk but I definitely would not miss it. The Queen had a small working farm (or hamlet) built for herself so she could escape from court life. It’s filled with little farmer’s cottages and there’s even an animal farm and stands selling freshly squeezed orange juice in the summertime! After Versailles we headed back to our hotel through the 7th arrondissement, over my favourite Parisian bridge the Pont Alexandre III and past the Grand and Petit Palais.

dsc_1040 dsc_1044 dsc_1052 dsc_1059 dsc_1060 img_1631 img_1625 dsc_1082 dsc_1085 dsc_1111 dsc_1114 dsc_1115 img_1628

Wearing JAG shirt, Warehouse from ASOS skirt and Zara sandals. dsc_1120 img_1690 dsc_1131 dsc_1135

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