I am a 23-year-old British/Australian student who moved from Brisbane to London to study postgraduate law. This blog is a place where I can put all my photos from my travels and London life, as well as a few of my favourite lifestyle, fashion and food recommendations – I hope you enjoy!



8 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the recent visit to (and follow of) my blog. It had the happy consequence of leading me here and I’ve enjoyed perusing your recent entries.

    You have a good photographic eye–keep at it!

  2. Hi Lara:) I recently discovered your blog and it is lovely! Your pictures are gorgeous and they just make me want to either go back to places I have been (like Amsterdam), or go somewhere completely new (like Australia). Random side note-it appears that we have a lot in common: we both are twenty, majoring in International Relations, and a language (for me, Spanish!), and we both studied abroad! I am excited to read more about your future endeavors. Good luck!

    1. Hi Sara, thanks so much for the lovely message! It seems we really do have heaps in common. I just had a look at your blog and your photos are so nice – your Europe pics make me so keen to get back! Thanks again for the message, it’s always nice to know there is actually someone out there looking at my posts ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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